Charity bracelets may be perceived to mean the same as fundraising bracelets, however, they are specifically made to raise money to support needy people in the society. For example, we have charity groups in the developed countries that raise money to help AIDS victims and orphaned children in Africa. The charity bracelets may be used as a means of identification, whereby the members of the group wear them. In other cases, they may be given to supporters as a way of appreciating them.


How to use your custom charity bracelet

Breast cancer charity bracelet

We make charity bracelets to be unique and noticeable from a distance. For instance, we may consider having beaded bracelets whereby each bead has a different color. When it comes to usingcharity bracelets, one may consider ordering more than one style. This can be done, for instance, by having men’s bracelets be different from women’s bracelet styles.

By ordering several variations, you can also have charity bracelets with different prices. This will allow more people to participate in the fundraiser, since they will feel a level of control over what they are contributing. However, for those on a budget, just one style of custom bracelet may be appropriate. The target group, demographic, and popularity of the charity will help to determine what style and quantity of charity bracelets you’ll need.

There are some charity groups that will consider a more direct approach for charity bracelets, by adding account numbers and phone numbers on the bracelets so that supporters can send their donations. Our staff is here to ensure that you make the best choice for your particular fundraising campaign.