Myrtle Beach Tiger Bracelet

ITo Cause Bracelets Work! Just Ask Myrtle Beach Safari. They’re Saving Tigers!

Myrtle Beach Safari and The Rare Species Fund needed to find new ways of creating awareness and raising money to help save tigers around the world. They decided on ITo Recycled Tire Bracelets and are selling their long curved bead bracelet for $20 each! Initially, they ordered 1,000 custom bracelets and profited almost $17,000 to save tigers.

Now that’s pretty great, but here’s something even better. They’ve reordered twice and have now raised over $50,000! Not only that, but think of the number of people wearing their bracelet every day and helping to create a movement!

The CT Hybrid
Product Launch Bracelets

Lexus was launching their CT Hybrid, their first car that was created with younger people in mind. They needed a cool promotional product to help support their ad campaign that included terms like “eco edge,” “urban zen” and “The Darker Side of Green.”

They decided on the ITo Recycled Tire Bracelets because of their unique edgy look and eco friendliness. Needless to say, they were a hit and Lexus reordered almost immediately and then several more times after that (and we’re not talking small quantities)… This was one big-time successful campaign!

Cesar Millan Foundation’s Bracelet for a Cause

The Cesar Millan Foundation decided on the standard bead bracelet, using Cesar’s favorite phrase, “Pack Leader” on the top and “Cesar Millan Foundation” on the bottom.  They used five different color bands as well as our recycled tire bands.

They’ve ordered three times in less than one year, over 5,000 bracelets!  The bracelets are selling for $15 each and are helping a great deal with their fundraising efforts.

The Free Syria Project

The Free Syria Project is made up of a young group of Syrian Americans. They needed to raise funds to provide humanitarian aid and create greater awareness for those in Syria who are in desperate need of help.

They chose ITo Color Bracelets because they believed they could command a higher price than the traditional common place silicone bracelets and because they wanted something people would actually wear to show their support for the cause. They created their bracelet using several different color bands to represent the Syrian flag. So far so good!! They’ve re-ordered several times and have gotten other groups with the same cause to also use these bracelets.

Salvation Army Charity Bracelets

“We ordered ‘Dignity’ bracelets to hand out at our Dignity Speaks event and they were a hit. Since then (they’ve re-ordered), they have been used as handouts at various functions.”

—Andrew Burditt/The Salvation Army

Best Friends Animal Society Bracelet Testimonial

“The No More Homeless Pets bracelets have not only been a valuable fundraising tool for Best Friends, but also a unique, effective and accessible marketing tool for our supporters to show their commitment and spread the mission. These socially conscious bracelets have helped raise thousands of dollars for our organization, allowing us to continue the life-saving work across the country in an effort to one day achieve No More Homeless Pets.”

—Namrata Chand/Best Friends Animal Society

Lupus Hawaii Charity Bracelet Testimonial

“ITo Bracelets are a wonderful opportunity to provide awareness for lupus, brand our new logo & name, and give our patients, their families and communities a reminder that both men & women can wear proudly. What an accessible, fresh and exciting new awareness option! Mahalo!”

—Cheryl Ann Jong/Lupus Hawaii

San Diego Zoo has Done Three Charity Bracelets!

The San Diego Zoo was looking for an eco-friendly prize to give to participants of their Earth Day recycling drive, “Cans for Critters.” They thought a bracelet would be a great little trophy, but didn’t want to go with the typical silicone, non-earth-friendly, promotional bracelets. So they went on the “hunt” for the right bracelet and found ITo Recycled Tire Bracelets and knew they were a perfect fit for their eco event.

Then, they were such a big hit that the Zoo decided to design two other recycled tire bracelets for a couple of their student educational programs: “Girls in Science” and “Zoo Corps.” All three bracelets have their own unique metal bead and hangtag designs. Number four will be coming soon!

These wristbands for a cause were exactly what we needed!

“ITo bracelets were exactly what we needed to brand our Charity Cause!

I just returned from the board meeting and presentation.  The bracelets are outstanding!  It was crazy to see the peeps actually see them and then ‘Lightbulb’ omg we can make money on these.. ugh.. what have I been trying to tell you for 9 months…

I foresee reordering soon…

Thanks so much for getting these done quick, appreciate you and your staff!”

–Debra/Cooper Stepp & Associates

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